While Dr. Lee "did not eliminate" the possibility that the initial attack occurred where the golf club head and a piece of shaft were found inside the driveway, in his opinion those items of evidence and the "stain" as he called it, of blood adjacent to them was caused this way:

After [the golf club] hit so many times back and forth, this shaft becomes weak, so called reverse action. Now, if you have an overhead swing, the head will project backwards with the broken shaft which is indicative, landed here because in some surrounding area we see some bloodstain. And, that's how it happened, separate from the golf club.

Dr. Lee used the same 116 foot golf club part flight to account for blood found on the driveway:

Those are vertical drops which means airborne drop down so it could be same action, when the golf club throw backwards, some of the blood is here in the metal surface, because it is not an absorbed surface like clothing or carpet, a metal surface, blood still liquid, because the gravity, it drops here because so few and so isolated, it is more consistent with a low velocity dripping.

When prodded to account for the "gravelly road type substance" that had been noted on the right side of Martha's face, Lee allowed for a second theory to account for that blood evidence in the
driveway, however...

...if those are in fact on the [sic]gravel and material, that could be consistent with her initial attack was on the driveway because small bleeding and then subsequently got to here.

Comment: While Dr. Lee's analysis is perhaps the simplest account, geometrically speaking, for how the various pieces of evidence wound up where they did on the Moxley property, it is certainly
not a satisfying one.

If I understand Dr. Lee's analysis it goes something like this...

If I read Lee's testimony correctly, his theory is built on the premise that the piece of shaft found in the field by the Hammond's house, the blood drops on the driveway, and the shaft and head found in the inner circle of the driveway were all aligned with one another.

This golf head and shaft, and this shaft, is in a direct line, direct line. Let's say if the shaft had been in an indirect line, in another location, there may be another reason. This is a direct line.

What is left unsaid by Lee is how he determined that the blood drops found on the driveway were actually in that line. The Sorenson diagram, which contains measurements taken the day after the murder at the crime scene, does not depict drops on the driveway. (an oversight?) Photographs of the drops on the driveway give no real clue as to their location. (another oversight?) And the Hale report claims that drops were found forty feet in from Walsh Lane... That's only about half as far down the driveway as Lee needs them to be.

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